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Questions from Employers

I am looking to improve the skills and qualifications of my staff - Can SkillUP Group help me?

We support numerous of employers through the wide provision of short vocational courses and bespoke training. Our provision gives employees the skills that can power any business, while helping them feel valued and part of a company committed to their professional well-being.

Is there a cost involved?

We work closely with the Department for Education, which means we can offer our courses fully funded, subject to learner eligibility. Each year, the Government sets objectives for skills in England and allocates part of its budget to those areas. You must be a registered training provider to access this funding.

Questions from both the unemployed and employed

How long do you have to complete the course?

You have up to 6 weeks to complete the course but some of our learners complete it within a few days and then go on to choose other free course from our range

Is this a recognized qualification?

Yes this all our courses, when passed, result in your gaining a nationally-recognised qualification. Be aware that some training courses charge and the ‘qualifications’ they provide can be virtually meaningless to an employer. Ours Courses are all Government approved and fully funded.

Is this course only free for the unemployed?

No this course is free for all. Feel free to recommend us to your friends whilst Government funding is still available.

What is a NVQ Level 2 equivalent to?

NVQ Level 2 equivalent – 4-5 GCSE grades A*-C. NVQ Level 3 equivalent – 2 A Levels. NVQ Level 4 equivalent – Higher Education Certificate/BTEC. NVQ Level 5 equivalent – Higher Education Diploma/Foundation Degree.

Where do the courses take place?

All of our courses are online and can be completed in the comfort of your own home and at your own speed.

How long will this course be free for?

The Government has set a limit on funding. Once the budget is gone its gone so we advise taking as many of the courses whilst they are available as the standard course cost is usually hundreds of pounds, thousands for some of the longer courses.

Can I take more than one course?

Yes, of course. We have students already starting their 3rd and 4th courses.
The whole point of this Government initiative is to help people SkillUp and be the best they can.
Funding is limited and will not last forever so please don’t put off selecting and completing the courses you need.

Am I eligible?

The courses are FREE and open to everyone aged 19+, living in England and not currently enrolled in education. You can complete as many courses as you like, but only 1 at a time.

This is a Government-sponsored course and so there no cost to you however you must be 19 or over and have lived in the UK for more than 3 years.

Once your application is processed and approved one of our friendly Tutors will be available to help you via E-mail, online and over the phone for the full duration of the course.

The Application process

Before you complete the Online Enrolment Form, please make sure you have the following documents and information ready:

  • Your National Insurance number
  • One of the following: a scanned copy or photo of your identification document, for example, Passport OR Birth Certificate OR Driving Licence etc
  • Your employment details and supporting employment documents, for example, this could be, a wage slip OR a P60 etc. If you are unemployed, instead of a Wage Slip please upload evidence of benefits.
Who do I contact if I have a question?

Answering questions, that’s what I’m here for! Feel free to contact Our Head of Customer Support directly on 0113 873 0313 or